Friday, 5 October 2012

You and me

Jesus Christ. It is less than a week left now until I hop on a plane that will (hopefully) take me to England. I will be flying Ryanair since it is the only airline going from here to Stansted, the closest airport to Cambridge. This is sort of a challenge in itself since you never know if you are going to get to the final destination or not. Well, I am all for living on the edge so why not? (Will be knocking on wood though. Please please please take me to England!) 

To tell you the truth I sit here with a lot of emotions. I am very excited for the big move to Cambridge but on the other hand it does mean that I will be leaving people behind. Like my boyfriend. The bestest boyfriend in the world he is. He is like me – he loves to live in new places – so I know that he understands. He is very encouraging. But still. Even if I know that we will make this work, it is tough. Lucky for us, it is quite easy traveling between Stockholm and Cambridge. 

Bringing the big suitcase up from the storage and starting to pack it will be a stab at the heart. And at the same time it is the start of an adventure that is very much welcome.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Anna! Email me if you have any questions about Cambridge -

Anna said...

Thank you, I will do that!

Elena Rosa Brown said...

It's always so hard to leave home on adventures. My Dad once gave me some great advice - There's no shame in giving something a try and finding out its not for you. He told me that the day I moved to the UK... and I've never left.

Hope all is well.

x Elena @ Randomly Happy

Anna said...

That is good advice and that is how I feel too. I'd rather try stuff and see that it is not for me than not try and wonder what it could have been like. However, I do think I will enjoy Cambridge!