Friday, 12 October 2012

Am here!

OK. Am in Cambridge now. Took taxi to new job and on the way I looked out at the city. Saw beautiful buildings! Classic black taxis! School uniforms! People driving on the wrong side of the street (it is confusing even to just watch, I'm telling you)! I was very amazed by it all. Met colleague at work and walked to house I am staying at. Relaxed at the house for a bit and decided to walk to the city centre. Looked at the map and since I don't have internet access on my phone I tried to memorize the way. I wrote down a few things. Right, Scotland Road to city centre. Got it! Went out. Was immediately lost. Later I understood that it was not that strange that I was lost right at the beginning, because I was not actually on Scotland Road to begin with. I realised this when I came back home. Yes, I actually made it back home because I took a picture of the street sign and showed the taxi driver. Am very clever.

I saw a flat tonight and it is just great. The flat is very cosy and clean and modern. It is not cold and it does not have carpet in the bathroom. The person I would be living with is also very nice. We went out for sushi and a glass of wine after her showing me the flat. People seem to think I was very quick on finding a flat and I suppose it has been rather quick, but I just couldn't help but starting to look while I was still at home in Stockholm. I also think I had a bit of luck. Hopefully the agent will accept me as well and then I'll move in, soonish.

Tomorrow I have two plans. One: getting a phone number. Two: seeing Macbeth. 

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