Friday, 12 October 2012

I have explored enough for one day, I tell you

What I've done today: I walked, walked, walked, bought a very funny book, walked, went into Starbuck's for some internet and a latte (that did not taste of coffee unfortunately), walked some more, bought a SIM card for my mobile so I can live here properly, went to another Starbuck's for some more internet and a cappuccino (that did not taste of coffee unfortunately), made sure I had internet in mobile phone so I would not have to go into Starbuck's for bad coffee anymore, walked, got tired of walking, kept on walking, bought some stuff in Boots, went to the Rainbow Café for a nice goat cheese lasagne, walked some more, went for a cup of tea, walked some more, went to the Corpus Playroom and watched Macbeth, went to Sainsbury's and bought some food, got tired of walking, took a taxi home (and I knew the address this time).

Well, that was my day. My feet are quite tired now. How was your day?


Anonymous said...

Oh it sounds like you are really exploring! Great spot for lunch and the Rainbow cafe too :-)

Anna said...

Yes, and I am loving this place so far!