Wednesday, 7 November 2012

One month evaluation

I've almost been here for a month now, it's actually four weeks tomorrow. So I have been thinking about the things that have struck me as weird or really cool and I thought I will share my top 3 with you. Only, I'll start with the weird things today and get to the good things later this week.

Top 3 things I find weird about the UK so far

1. People do not wear enough clothes. People told me about this when I arrived but I thought "How bad can it be?" Well. It's bad guys. It's really bad. I don't know if British people have extra thick skin that does not let the cold get to them, but I have a feeling that it isn't the case. So, can someone tell me why girls walk around in little dresses as if it were summer? Bare legs! No jackets! And no, it is not only the girls, the guys do it too. Perhaps not with dresses but I've seen guys in shorts and t-shirts and not much else. And it is like 7 degrees outside. I don't get it. It's weird.

2. The carpets in the bathroom. Seriously, what is up with that? I am not sure British people are aware of this but the rest of the world finds it kind of disgusting (rest of the world = at least a few people I've talked to from four different nationalities). I have not actually seen that many of the bathroom carpets in the flats where I've been but I've seen a few. In flats and pubs. I can just imagine all the drunk guys going in to the bathroom in the pub with a bad sense of aim. Oh, the germs.

3. Bad insulation. I suppose this is the reason for the carpets in the bathroom. The houses here are so pretty but oh so cold on the inside. So cold! I find it weird that insulation is such an unfamiliar thing here.

Now let's all sit in small groups of four and discuss this. 


Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Completely agree. These are the things that baffled me as well. It was WTF. Middle of winter and people in flip flops. FLIP FLOPS! I still don't get it. And don't get me even started on the carpet issue. Or the fact that very often you'll have separate faucets for cold and hot water. So you can't get lovely warm,you have to alternate between the two. Baffling! :-)

Anna said...

I know! The separate faucets are definitely in the top five weird things. It's so unpractical! Where are you from?