Thursday, 29 November 2012


Today I went to see the musical Oliver! at Cambridge Arts Theatre. My overall feeling is that I liked it. The children acting were very good, not to mention extremely cute, and most of the adult actors were good as well. I would actually say that the singing quality was a bit mixed to be honest, but I was pleased that they had a live orchestra playing. (OK so I didn't actually see the orchestra but I saw a conductor waving his or her hands so I assume there was an orchestra as well. It certainly sounded like it.) I also like that you can buy drinks in the bar and bring them in with you while you watch the play. For some reason you can't do that in Sweden. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a glass of wine while watching a play? 

There are a few theatres in Cambridge and I have now been to three of them. I saw Macbeth in the Corpus Playroom during my first few days here and I saw another play in the adc theatre a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the play. I had a really bad headache that day so I actually left in the middle. It had nothing to do with the play though. Next week I am going to visit the Corn Exchange to see Chicago. I try to make the most out of living here!

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