Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cambridge Brew House

There is a new restaurant open close to where I live! The Cambridge Brew House opens today and last night I was fortunate enough to win a dinner for two, simply by retweeting something from Twitter! I went there with my flatmate to taste their menu and I was not disappointed. We  had prosecco and shared a platter with hummus, bread, olives and the like. After that I changed to sticky things! Twice cooked sticky beef as a main course (it was goooorgeous as Jamie Oliver would say) and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. I enjoyed both, though I couldn't really fit all of the pudding in at the end. And it was all for free! Lucky lucky me. I know this might seem like some kind of food or restaurant blog but I will try and change that, I just had to tell you about this new place! I expect the Cambridge Brew House to be one of my new favourite places actually. The decor is just exactly what I like, I loved the food and even the music was good. I think the only complaint we had was that the server didn't really know that much about wine and I've heard from someone else that someone working there didn't know about beer, which is kind of bad when it's actually suppose to be a Brew House. Right? I guess they'll just have to work on that though. On the webpage they call it a pub but I would say it's more of a restaurant with a little pubby corner. It doesn't matter to me though, as I enjoy it no matter what they want to call it. I will definitely go back. It's my local now.

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