Wednesday, 2 January 2013

It's 2013!

Yay! A new year! And I live here now. I've been in Cambridge for almost three months and I have started to get to know the place a bit. I've been to colleges, restaurants, theatres, pubs and bars. I have been walking around a lot – I love to just stroll the streets of Cambridge! But now I need to dig a bit deeper. For 2013 it's time to step up.

So what are my plans for 2013? 
  • I want to explore Britain. As a kid I went with my parents around Britain and we drove around and visited B&Bs. I wouldn't mind doing something like that again. Now that I live here I definitely want to see more of the place.
  • Go to London more often! I've been once since I moved here and it's so easy to go from Cambridge. I want to get to know London a lot better. 
  • Find my very own favourite places – pubs and bars and restaurants. I haven't really found any great bars here, I don't know if there are many. I have been to Baroosh and Browns and they are nice I suppose, but I want more.
  • Find more friends. I do have some friends here and I have met some people I really like. But good friends are hard to come by and I want to meet more people! 
  • Put things on my walls. I have a small room with a bed, drawers and a chair and not much else. The walls are empty. I do feel at home in the flat but I need to make it even nicer.
  • Go punting in the spring/summer. I've done it once at Halloween but it was so cold my feet turned to ice. Not a nice feeling.
  • See Shakespeare plays in the summer. Oh my, how I am looking forward to seeing A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Visit Grantchester. Everyone keep saying how lovely it is but I still haven't been. I'll wait until spring arrives and then I'll go visit the Orchard.

I suppose that's it. High and low. I also have a standing plan to drink more champagne. I expect the list of things to discover to keep growing though.

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