Thursday, 20 December 2012

Our Christmas tree

We bought a Christmas tree the other day. We don't have the biggest flat but there's always room for a Christmas tree, right? So I went on my first Christmas tree shopping outside of Sweden and got a nice tree to put in the corner of our livingroom. We had some mulled wine and Swedish gingerbread cookies to go with that because everyone knows that you have to be in the Christmas spirit to decorate the tree. I suppose you can't really see the tree very well on that last picture because of the table that's in the way, but you can kind of see that it brings you the Christmas spirit, can't you?


Siobhan Watts said...

Your tree looks so nice! Hope you had a lovely Christmas x

Anna said...

Thank you! I hope it's still nice when we get back to Cambridge in a few days... Hope you had a lovely Christmas too! x